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Supplier Discovery Individual (SDI) provides instant access to the most powerful search technology available for finding discrete component manufacturers (job shops) that are capable of producing a specific part for your project by using processes such as machining, casting, injection molding, laser cutting, surface finishing, etc.

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Excerpt of Searchable Additive Manufacturing Processes

In an exciting development, Supplier Discovery has enhanced the manufacturing process to included Additive Manufacturing – often referred to as 3D Printing. The new ASTM international standards for Additive Manufacturing categories are now part of the Supplier Discovery manufacturing processes taxonomy. In addition, the detailed processes within each category have been adopted from the book ”Additive Manufacturing Technologies” by Gidson, Rosen, and Stucker.

This is a state-of-the-art taxonomy that provides a solid basis for organizing Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing capabilities within the US. The top Additive Manufacturing process classifications are: Vat Photopolymerization, Powder Bed Fusion (PBF), Material Extrusion, Binder Jetting (BJ), Sheet Lamination, and Directed Energy Deposition (DED).

Supplier Profiles for the Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) firms within the US are being built. See above for the current number of Additive Manufacturers and Processes.

The Supplier Discovery technology for Additive Manufacturing is implemented. Accessing suppliers of the exciting, new technology is as simple as: 1) logging in to your fee account, 2) selecting the AM processes tab on the search page, 3) selecting your required Additive Manufacturer processes, and 4) clicking Begin Search to find Suppliers. In less than a couple of minutes you will have qualified candidates that can fulfill your requirements.

You can also look for Additive Manufacturing Suppliers that can provide multiple 3D Printing technologies. Or, you can combine standard job shop processes to the Additive Manufacturing requirements to find Suppliers capable of providing post 3D Printing processes required to finish some parts.

Example Process Selection and Results

Qualified Candidates

Current search technologies and dedicated manufacturing supplier databases fail users. They returning large numbers of low quality Supplier candidates for any specific manufacturing requirement. The issue is always the same. The are many job shops, but the current technologies provide only very high level classifications.

To get a better answer, you need to ask a better question.

Supplier Discovery solves this issue. Job Shop profiles in the Suppler Discovery database are based on an extensive manufacturing taxonomy. The manufacturing capabilities of a Suppler are described in detail. In addition, the profiles also include detailed information on materials experience, quality standards, design technologies, business model, segment experience, and business certification. Thus, Profiles in Supplier Discovery are rich with information points.

The Request for Discovery (RfD) search engine enables the user to define manufacturing requirements, for a given part, at a level of detail which will produce a small set of highly-qualified Job Shop candidates.

Supplier Discovery is an Information Rich Platform

Supplier Profiles and Request-for-Discovery queries are detail driven.


Supplier Discover provides you better Job Shop candidates of any given manufacturing need that any other search or database technology available. This is enabled by rich, well-structured set of over 2,000 possible “information points” describing each Job Shop (Supplier) capabilities such as Manufacturing Process, Materials Experience, Quality Standards, etc., and a Request-for-Discovery query technology that lets you specify your manufacturing needs in precise detail at the “information point” level.


Job Shops

Processes Provided

Manufacturing Processes

Classification Categories

Additive Manufacturers

Additive Processes


Process Requests

Detailed Suppler Profiles

Supplier Discovery Profiles are information rich on critical items that directly affect a Job Shop’s manufacturing perform for a specific component. This includes both direct capabilities – manufacturing processes – and indirect capabilities – company processes, certifications and business model. This rich array of information points enables the requirements for a specific part to be defined in great detail.  Thus the matching of requirements to Job Shop capabilities is much more selective.

The corner stone of the Suppler Discovery technology is the Suppler Discovery Manufacturing Taxonomy. This taxonomy organizes the vast array of manufacturing processes into a hierarchy that classifies the processes into similar groups. The classification starts from the broadest differences in processes – shaping, nonshaping, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) – and continues through a number of levels down to exact processes such as gear cutting, investment casting, direct extrusion, or three-dimensional printing. The Supplier Discovery Manufacturing Taxonomy has over 300 specific manufacturing processes and over 125 classification categories.

The magic of the manufacturing taxonomy is twofold. First it enables a Job Shop to accurately present their manufacturing capabilities at a detail, precise level. For example, two Job Shops may both have CNC milling machines but only one has invested in the capability needed for gear cutting. Second, this vast array on information provided by the taxonomy based Supplier profiles enables the Request for Discovery engine to find both exact and similar matches between the Requirements for a Part and the Suppliers.

Supplier Discovery is Fully Featured Platform

Supplier Discovery is your tool for finding highly qualified Job Shops for your supply chain.


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Promote job growth through local manufacturing

 By using local manufacturers you can do your part to increase the job creation and local wealth of communities.

China Vs. the U.S.: It's Just as Cheap to Make Goods in the USA

“Many companies continue to make manufacturing investment decisions based on conditions a decade or more ago. They still see North America as high cost and Latin America, eastern Europe, and Asia, especially China, as low cost….As Chinese labor costs rise, American productivity improves, and U.S. energy expenses fall, the difference in manufacturing costs between China and the U.S. has narrowed to such a degree that it’s almost negligible.”
Bloomberg Business – April 25, 2014


U.S. Manufacturing costs are almost as low as China's, and that's a very big deal

“Even more striking: BCG projects that by 2018 it will be 2% to 3% cheaper to make stuff here than in China.

Part of the reason for the narrowing gap is that wages have been rising in China. And American companies have been boosting their productivity faster than many of their international competitors.”
Fortune – June 26, 2015

New Study Finds China Manufacturing Costs Rising to US Level

“China is no longer a slam dunk for manufacturers looking for the lowest cost for operations.

In fact, a new study by the consulting firm AlixPartners estimates by 2015 the cost of outsourcing manufacturing to China will be equal to the cost of manufacturing in the U.S.”
CNBC – April 18, 2013

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